• How do you know whether the employees are your organization are engaged?
  • How do you know that they are fully committed to the organization’s goals and objectives and are going beyond the call of their job to achieve them?
  • How do you know, that they are not on the lookout for another job?
  • How do you define and measure Engagement in the first place?

‘Employee Engagement a term that has gained significant momentum as a unit of evaluation of an employee’s commitment, involvement, and satisfaction towards an organization’s goals and values has been defined variously by different researchers. By a large it means the level of emotional, intellectual, and physical commitment employees within an organization bring towards their work.

Why is it important for an organization?

‘Employee Engagement as a unit of quantification has shown direct correlation to customer satisfaction, profitability, and employee retention and as such makes complete business sense to measure and improve.

At Laureate we help our clients measure Employee Engagement with give you comparators of where they stand vis-à-vis the industry. We further build a strategy for them to enhance the Employee Engagement scores of the organization on a year-to-year basis and correlate the engagement index against the business performance and profitability index.


Drivers of business performance

  • What business drivers are impacting your business performance?
  • How are you measuring the effectiveness of the various drivers and deploying their variables to sustain your competitive advantage?
  • Which driver is impeding the performance of the entire organization?
  • Is your organization performing to its best potential?
  • Is your organization constantly evolving as a ‘High Performance’ organization and more importantly as a ‘Learning’ organization?

Today the business environment, competitive landscape, and government regulations, etc. are going through dynamic changes. Thriving in such an environment requires constant evolution, wherein rather than resting on the laurels of the past, an organization needs to challenge its past assumption about performance benchmarks and keep delivering at higher levels. Only an organization that is constantly ‘Learning’ is capable of such a dynamic evolution.

At Laureate, our Performance Consultants help our clients with Performance Audits across the business, functions, levels, and processes. We report using comprehensive models and analysis. With a sound grounding in ‘Systems Thinking,’ we make recommendations basis what the system can achieve keeping both the goals and the actual situation on the ground in perspective. We help our clients create and execute a roadmap from ‘What is to ‘What needs to be. We help them create a ‘Learning’ organization.

Further with our insights from research, our clients stay continuously associated with the variables that will drive business performance in the future. We help them understand the implications of these variables and further work with them to rein these variables in their stride.