team integration
  • Do your high potential employees go through training programs for grooming them for next roles?
  • Do your high potentials partner with the facilitators in learning process?
  • Do your high potentials cross pollinate their ideas across the industry?
  • Do your high potentials invest good amount of time in getting coached for next roles?
  • Do your high potentials work on a year long schedule to develop their skills for the next role?
  • Do your high potentials assess their strength after up skilling themselves?

  • If the answer to any of the above questions is a NO or MAY BE, then our leadership pipeline program is for you.
    Next Generation Managers are not built in an 8 hours training!

    First time managers for the future roles are at the heart of Integrated Leadership Development System, which is a very intense learning intervention involving a holistic approach of diagnostics, skill building and coaching. Spread over a period of few months, participants of this program go through a structured plan along with the guidance and coaching by their coaches. Aim of the program is to have a very practical approach to learning and reap maximum benefit at the end of the intervention. Integrated Leadership Development uses following key factors to transform managers.

    • Assessment of participants LQ (Leadership Quotient) using RAP Model
    • Skill Building
    • Skill Coaching
    • Impact on Business Outcomes
    • Integration of the reporting managers in participant’s development
    • Live projects within the organization to run in parallel with the intervention


  • Do you want survey reports with detailed analyses of results which can be sectioned demographically?
  • Are you looking at implementing new initiatives in your organization, but lacking the hard data to drive your point home?
  • Are you curious about what you're employees are thinking?
  • Want to gather anonymous feedback on employees at various levels?

A powerful, custom made, survey tool, designed to introduce a quantitative element to your HR processes. Whether it is a 360 degree feedback, or an employee pulse survey; whether it is 1000 employees, or just 10; the Affinity tool enables Laureate Research to conduct impactful surveys which produce powerful, detailed reports that empower organizations to make decisions supported by data.
These surveys enable organizations to customize learning interventions to suit their needs by providing them with factual insight into the areas of grievance, possible weaknesses and areas of need present in the organization.
Through this survey tool, Laureate consultants drive practical, innovative solutions to address the needs expressed by an organization’s employees. Affinity also enables us to assess the impact of the learning intervention undertaken by an organization using the same scientific, data driven analysis of strengths and improvements.

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team integration

Between 38% to Over 50% of executives in new leadership positions experience inadequate success or outright failure.

  • Is this a possibility at your organization?
  • Does your leadership team have doubts regarding your new C-Level executive’s ability to integrate into the culture of the organization?
  • Has your new leader adequately assessed the needs of the situation?
  • Are they utilizing the most effective learning practices in order to tackle the challenges they face?
When leaders in a new situation don’t build the right kind of foundation early in their incumbency, they may never get the right traction needed to succeed.
A typical integration process could take anywhere from 6 months, to a full year for the leader to synchronize successfully with his team and the organization. At Laureate, we cut this process down to 3 months.
Through an intense, expertly facilitated intervention, Laureate consultants act as transitional coaches and assist the leader in shaping an integration process tailored to the individual leader and the needs of the organization. The program comprises the following elements:

  • Anonymous survey with the senior leadership team to determine what is the perception of the new leader entering the organization
  • Facilitated discussion of the outcomes of the survey to enable to leader to understand the team’s perception and areas of concern
  • Coaching sessions to integrate the leader to the culture of the organization and create synergy between the leader and executive team members

executive coachingExecutive Coaching

  • Have you ever faced a situation, where in a high performing Leader has started missing his targets quarter after quarter?
  • Has a leader started to lose critical team members due to a sudden change in business dynamics?
  • Is one of your key leaders not meeting his targets due to a change in functional or geographic responsibilities?
  • Does your senior leadership team have doubts about the cultural sync or the capabilities of a new C-Level executive?
  • Are you C-Level executives in need of a sounding board on par with them in order to improve turnaround in the organization?

Our senior executive coaches come with a wealth of industry experience across segments and in various business scenarios. They will support your organization by enabling the Leader to identify and formulate an Action Plan to overcome the challenge at hand. Through the use of psychometric instruments, industry research and trends, and intense business lab sessions the Laureate team has enabled numerous businesses to become profitable once more.

Our coaches partner with your Leaders over a sustained period in order to:

  • Enable them to discover their personal strengths and blind spots
  • Help them to merge with the culture of the organization
  • Equip them to analyze and take action for reaching their defined "end objective"


  • Curious about industry trends in compensation and benefits in your sector?
  • Want to know what other companies are doing differently in terms of compensation?
  • Want to determine where you stand in relation to organizations in the same segment?

Laureate Global has been successfully publishing a comprehensive, industry specific, compensation and benefits benchmarking survey for the past 3 years. This survey determines industry trends in compensation and benefits for various segments in an industry, such as senior leaders, middle managers or junior executives.
This survey determines industry trends in compensation and benefits for various segments in an industry, such as senior leaders, middle managers or junior executives.
Our compensation surveys provide a detailed breakdown of industry trends over the past year, thereby enabling organizations to plan their comp & ben in a more structured and scientific manner.